Loyalty Rewards

What is the Loyalty Rewards Programme?

The Loyalty Rewards Programme is simply a way of allowing you to earn loyalty points on every purchase. Just like any other loyalty programme. You need to have account to take advantage of the programme, but after that it is managed for you. Each time you make a purchase, the system will automatically credit your account with your loyalty points. Then, when you have enough, the system will prompt you to use your points in your basket.

How can I earn points?

There are two ways to earn points. These are to register as a new customer and to purchase goods.

Registering as a new customer

When you register as a new customer, you will automatically be credited with 100 loyalty points. This is an equivalent to £1 off your next order.

Purchasing goods

If you have an account, when you open a product a prompt will appear that shows you how many point that you can earn from this purchase.

Loyalty Rewards

Redeeming loyalty rewards points

Redeeming points is easy. If you add an item to your basket, and you have redeemable points, the system will ask you if you want to redeem your points. If you change your mind, you can remove the discount from your basket and at checkout.

Loyalty Rewards

Managing points

Points are managed for you automatically, but you can view how many points you have, how many you can redeem and how many you have already redeemed.

On the main menu, click “My Account”.

On the left side you can find “Loyalty Rewards Program”. If you click on this, your points table will open.

Loyalty Rewards

This has information about your current points total.

Loyalty Rewards
  • Redeemable points – This the number of points that you can redeem against your purchases.
  • Latest exclusion period points – This the number of points that are pending for addition to your points total.
  • Available points – This the number of available points, including those that are not redeemable currently.
  • Redeemed points – This is the number of points that you have redeemed.

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