Chocolate Mint Brownie

Chocolate Mint Brownie

What is the Chocolate Mint Brownie?

The Chocolate Mint Brownie was the other flavour that I had in mind when the orange one came along. Mint is another flavour that I always associate with chocolate. Maybe it’s the other Christmas chocolate that we always had, After Eights. We probably ate them before eight too. What rebels?

A strong mint flavour goes really well with the dark chocolate of the brownie base. So, I had to decide what to use to give the minty chocolate flavour. Originally, I decided on Fry’s Peppermmint Cream but, for allergy reasons, I didn’t go with them. The alternative was obvious, as I’d used Orange Matchmakers in the orange ones. Mint Matchmakers it was.

It’s the same base as the Orange Brownie but the flavour is mint rather than orange, obviously. Again, a bit of peppermint essence helps the flavour along but the Mint Matchmakers give the mint flavour and the crunchy texture. The second flavour was born.


You can see the list of ingredients for the Triple Chocolate Brownie here.

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