Classic Rocky Road

What is the Classic Rocky Road?

The Classic Rocky Road is the simple mixture of biscuit, marshmallow and rich dark chocolate. Like our Classic Millionaire’s Shortbread, why change a good thing.

This one is for the Rocky Road fans out there. I’m told by the fans that have tasted it that it is pretty special.

Don’t change it

I’ve tried Rocky Road before, but it’s never been my bake. I prefer the biscuit, caramel, chocolate combination of the Classic Millionaire’s Shortbread. So, I asked around when I decided to make one. I enquired as to what I could change to make it my own. The answer was a resounding don’t change anything.

Rocky Road fans are purists. The biscuit is required and the chocolate is essential, but the marshmallows are sacrosanct. The marshmallows are Rocky Road.


You can see the list of ingredients for the Classic Rocky Road here.

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