Millionaire’s Ginger

Millionaire's Ginger millionaires ginger

What is Millionaire’s Ginger?

Millionaire’s Ginger is a twist on a popular millionaire’s shortbread. A twist of ginger. It has a ginger biscuit base and a darker more treacly caramel. The whole thing is topped with a rich dark chocolate, to counter the treacle sweet caramel. The chocolate top is decorated with crushed honeycomb, for an extra helping of texture.

I said in Classic Millionaire’s Shortbread that changing the flavours of the Millionaire’s Shortbread would always be considered an addition and not a replacement. This is it. I and the people who have tried it agree that this one is a worthy addition and certainly compliments the classic one.

Ginger and Treacle?

Where did the inspiration for ginger and treacle come from? Well I tasted a gingerbread molasses ice cream once, in the US. Generally, we don’t encounter molasses in the UK but we I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of treacle. Well black treacle is the same thing.

So, gingerbread molasses stuck with me. Since then I’ve always known that the combination works. I decided to try it here and it still works.


You can see the list of ingredients for the Millionaire’s Ginger here.

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