Raspberry and White Chocolate Blondie

The first Raspberry and White Chocolate Blondie

What is the Raspberry and White Chocolate Blondie?

The Raspberry and White Chocolate Blondie is the right combination of lovely fresh raspberry flavour of real raspberries and the comforting vanilla of soft white chocolate. All in a lovely sweet cake base, with the distinctive blondie texture.

Like raspberry crumble and custard in a cake. If you feel that a traditional brownie is just too chocolatey, this is for you.

The first one

The first Raspberry and White Chocolate Blondie was a gluten-free one and an experiment. It came out great though. The intense raspberry flavour with the creamy white chocolate and more cake like texture remind me of crumble and custard.

I was considering making a blondie for some time but hadn’t gotten round to it. It was unknown territory too, as it is very different to a brownie.

One Thursday morning I decided to try to make a blondie. So, I looked on the internet for a recipe. I found one but it had some terrible reviews. Suspecting that they had simply done something wrong I decided to try it. Obviously, I couldn’t follow the recipe method exactly. That wouldn’t be like me. So, I took the ingredients and adapted them to the same method I use for all of my brownies.

It was immediately obvious that this mix was different but I continued on. At the end of mixing I found that the raspberries had not been added. It was then I realised that the recipe I’d chosen didn’t have any raspberries in it. Silly me. So, I added the raspberries regardless. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I poured the mixture into a tin and began baking it. The more runny mixture leaked out of the tin a bit, so I wasn’t expecting much.

On removing the blondie from the tin, which was a bit of a pain, there were some bits left in the bottom of the tin. I decided to try some. Wow, the raspberry flavour was intense and the white chocolate subtle. It was great. I let some willing guinea pigs try it and they were also impressed. The Raspberry and White Chocolate Blondie was born.


You can see the list of ingredients for the Raspberry and White Chocolate Blondie here.

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