Triple Chocolate Brownie

Triple Chocolate Brownies

What is the Triple Chocolate Brownie?

The Triple Chocolate Brownie is the one that I’ve been making and mastering for years. It’s fudgey consistency means it melts in the mouth and the chocolate chunks give it texture. This is my core product and the one where the rest came from. It’s still my go to recipe.

The dark, milk and white chocolate in it give it the name Triple Chocolate Brownie. The dark chocolate is what makes up the base of the brownie, the mix that binds it all together. We add milk and white chocolate chunks, for texture. The milk and white chocolate chunks are a nice surprise, as you bite into it.

Why is this one special?

This is the first one I made. It was over twenty years ago. People loved it and I enjoyed making it for anyone who wanted it. I tweaked the recipe over the years, nothing too drastic, and I always kept the basics the same. I never thought of it as something that I could sell. But, here we are now, selling it and it still the most popular brownie we make.


You can see the list of ingredients for the Triple Chocolate Brownie here.

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