Chocolate Orange Brownie

Chocolate Orange Brownie

What is the Chocolate Orange Brownie?

The Chocolate Orange Brownie was the first flavoured brownie that I made. I’ve always liked orange chocolate, from the days when we would look forward to the Terry’s Chocolate Orange in our stocking at Christmas. The aroma of orange was there long before you fished it out. It’s one of those memories that sticks with you.

Anyway, the story continues when someone asked for a variation on the standard Triple Chocolate Brownie. What to do? I hadn’t ever considered changing things after so long making the triple. It didn’t occur to me immediately but my memory was jogged by another person and that was it.

The flavour goes really well with the dark chocolate of the brownie base. It’s the same base as the Mint Chocolate Brownie but the flavour is obviously orange rather than mint. A bit of orange essence helps the flavour along but it needed something else. Quality Street Orange Matchmakers gives extra orange flavour, but also adds an extra crunch to the texture. So, the first flavoured brownie was born.


You can see the list of ingredients for the Orange Chocolate Brownie here.

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