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Rewards for reviews

You can earn rewards for reviews at Bakes and Brownies. Either for general reviews of our shop or for product reviews.

Our great reviews

Since Bakes and Brownies launched earlier in 2020, we have had some great reviews. I thought I would share some of them here, before explaining how you can get rewards for reviews.

“I have ordered the brownies previously and they were wonderful. Now a fan of the bites selections. Just the right size for a little treat, and the ginger millionaires is especially delicious!!


“Sent a box of six different brownies for my sisters birthday . They arrived on time and very well wrapped . She told me they were all absolutely delicious and her friends enjoyed them as well ! She was kind enough to share 😂


Have had triple choc and blondie and these were amazing. Lately tried peanut butter with crunchy pieces and dark chocolate, these are definitely my favourites. Just put another order in, best ever brownies and blondies…yummy.”


“Absolutely lovely each and every one – doing everything I can, not to order another box. Triple chocolate was my fave but the blondie was a close contender… Thank you 🙂 “


Rewards for reviews

Rewards for reviews

When you submit a review and have it published, you will earn the reward. The reward is in the form of Loyalty Points, which can be redeemed when making your next purchase. Therefore, you need to have an account with us. (Note: Customers that have purchased as a Guest, will have all their previous points credited to them, if they set up an account).

A general review of Bakes and Brownies can be submitted on any page of the website, by scrolling to the “Submit a Review” section in the side bar or at the bottom of the page, filling in the simple form and selecting “Submit your review”. If you have previously purchased a product, you can review that in the “Reviews” section of the relevant product page.

“What about us?”, say those that have already submitted reviews. Well, we haven not forgotten you. Customers that have already had a review published and have an account will receive the same reward for your published reviews.

Unfortunately, you can only get a review published, for the same thing, once every 6 months. However, you can write a general review for Bakes and Brownies and a review for each product that you have purchased. If you have purchased a lot of different products, you could do well out of this.

Rewards for reviews

What are the rewards?

Good question. The rewards are quite simple. Each published review gets you a reward of 50 loyalty points. That is the equivalent of 50p. The points reward will appear in your Loyalty Points balance, which you can find under the “My Account” item in the main menu.

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