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Easter Bake – Easter (Mini-egg) Rocky Road

Everyone knows that Easter is a marvellous time for chocolate lovers. All those chocolate eggs! Well how could I, a lover of chocolate and a cake baker, not make something special for Easter. Well here it is, the Easter Rocky Road.

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It’s different to our Classic Rocky Road and is made with candy coated chocolate mini-eggs. As you can see from the picture, the decoration is a nest of mini-eggs on the top. But that’s not all. The crushed digestive biscuits and marsh mallows are still there, but with the gorgeous addition of crushed mini-eggs. So, the flavour of a rocky road remains but with the crunch of mini-egg candy shells and the mellow milk chocolate flavour of the mini-egg centre.

Everyone who has tried them really liked them. And you don’t have to be a fan of rocky road. Rocky Road isn’t my favourite but I really like these. Why not try them? Get a full box of them for Easter or just include one with your normal order. The are also available as bites.

Remember, they are only here for Easter (-: and maybe a few days after, just in case :-).

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