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How to choose a chocolate brownie tin?

How you choose a chocolate brownie tin depends on what you are looking for. I’ve used several tins of various types to bake my chocolate brownies in. Each has its good and bad points. I’ve found that different ones suited me better at different times and for different reasons. For example, when baking for friends and family, how they look is not so important but when baking commercially it’s very important. Also, when baking commercially, consistency is key. Ideally my brownies will look homemade and rustic but must look like this consistently. If they vary considerably it could affect their appeal. So, I’m always looking for methods of making my chocolate brownies that is easy and consistent. Here I describe the equipment I started with and what I use now.

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Which tin to use for brownies?

Basic brownie tin

I started off with a basic brownie type tin like the one below. This served me well for many years. They are cheap, simple to use and easy to clean. I did find with this tin that the consistency varied. I think that this was mostly because I had to use either grease-proof paper or foil to stop the brownie sticking to the tin. Also, the angled sides mean that the bits at the edge have an odd angle. However, for brownie baking it was generally good, just not good enough for sale. Click on the image to see more at Amazon.

choose a chocolate brownie tin
Brownie tin

Springform tin

When I wanted more consistency I moved on to the springform tin. They are traditionally used for baking cakes and various other things that are difficult to release from the mould and this is what I first used them for. But I’ve found that it suits my chocolate brownie needs quite well. The rigid nature ensures that my brownies stay consistent and I know how they’ll turn out.

The first springform tin that I used for a chocolate brownie was purchased from Lidl. I thought that it looked about the right size, so i bought one to experiment with. This type was a Zenker one like the one below. These are excellent tins and I’ve been using mine for several years now. Mine didn’t have the ridged sides though. This seems to be a new design intended to improve the release of the cake from the tin. I tend to put a liner in the tin, so was not sure how this would affect me. They are available from Amazon. To take a look at the page just click on the image below.

choose a chocolate brownie tin
Zenker Springform Tin

More tins

I eventually had two of the Zenker tins but needed more. I did find that the Zenker tins were good but expensive. So, I decided to try something similar but more cost effective. I bought two of the Ibili tins from Amazon. If you want to take a look at the Amazon page for this item, click on the image.

choose a chocolate brownie tin
Ibili springform tin

The first impression of the Ibili tins was that they appeared to be pretty well constructed. They obviously weren’t as good as the Zenker ones but for the price they were excellent. Two good features of these are that they are slightly deeper than the Zenker tins and the spring handle is more robust. The brownies cook slightly differently in these tins but it’s not significant and gives acceptable results.

How to stop the chocolate brownie sticking to the tin?

When you choose a chocolate brownie tin, the tin is just one thing that you need to think about. Brownies sticking is a common problem, in my experience. I started without liners and just greased the tin. The brownie still tended to stick in places, so I have used a liner of sorts since.

Foil liner

Foil liner is an easy option. It’s just standard kitchen foil for starters and the mix tends not to stick to metal foil. The downside is that it tears easily, so if you get a fold and the brownie cooks around it, you can be left with foil stuck in the brownie and it’s difficult to get out. Generally, it serves the purpose well though and is easy for beginners.

Greaseproof paper liner

This is the main method that I used for many years. It is similar to the foil method but easier to handle after baking. It’s probably cheaper than foil too.

I even used this method with the springform tins. However, it proved to be difficult in the long run as it isn’t reusable and a liner for a springform tin is fiddly. I had to cut out a new set of liner paper every time. If I could cut out a liner from something that could be washed and reused, it would be great.

Reusable liner

When I went looking for a reusable liner that could be cut to size I found the Toastabags Cooking Liner. They are pretty simple things but nothing sticks to them. They can be cut to shape, are oven safe up to 230 degrees C and dishwasher safe. Perfect.

You can buy them from Amazon by clicking the image below. They are available in supermarkets too.

Cooking liner

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