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National Baking Week Day 2

For National Baking Week Day 2, I didn’t want to complicate things. Just something simple but delicious. I chose one of my favourite bakes, Millionaire’s Ginger. Perfect!

Why Millionaire’s Ginger?

Millionaire’s Ginger is easy. Technically there is no baking involved, as it doesn’t go in the oven. Does it count for National Baking Week Day 2 then? Well, there are a few typical baking processes involved though. The buttery, ginger biscuit base is made and then set. The caramel needs to be heated with a careful eye on the pan and a careful hand mixing constantly. Then the whole thing is finished off with melted chocolate and honeycomb.

I like my Millionaire’s Ginger because it has a lovely gingery ginger biscuit base and it has a luxurious treacly caramel. It was going to be a Millionaire’s Ginger Shortbread, but there’s no shortbread in it. The topping of rich dark chocolate offsets the sweetness of the caramel and the sprinkles of honeycomb give a bit of crunch.

National Baking Week Day 2


Simplicity is the key here. Millionaire’s Ginger doesn’t need anything else. Just a single helping with a cup of tea. After all, it had a crumbly biscuit and a caramel sauce like centre, all topped off with chocolate and honeycomb. Why would you need anything else?

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