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New bakes

We have some new bakes on offer! There is now a Classic Millionaire’s Shortbread and a Classic Rocky Road, as well as a couple of alternatives. For the ginger lovers out there we also have ginger variations in the Millionaire’s Ginger Shortbread and the Ginger Rocky Road. All made with our luxurious pure Belgian chocolate.

Classic Millionaire’s Shortbread

The familiar layers of buttery shortbread, smooth caramel and rich dark chocolate, decorated with a swirl of milk and white chocolate. If, like me, you love Millionaire’s Shortbread, you’ll love this.

Millionaire’s Ginger

How about a twist on a popular millionaire’s shortbread. A twist of ginger. It has a ginger biscuit base and a darker more treacly caramel. The whole thing is topped with a rich dark chocolate, to counter the sweet treacle caramel. The chocolate top is decorated with crushed honeycomb for added texture.

Classic Rocky Road

The Classic Rocky Road is the simple mixture of biscuit, marshmallow and chocolate. Like our Classic Millionaire’s Shortbread, why change a good thing.

Ginger Rocky Road

Similar to a normal rocky road but with the marshmallow replaced by ginger biscuits and the chocolate made darker. It will resemble those chocolate ginger biscuits that you get at Christmas, but better.

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To order them as part of a Mix & Match Box, go to our shop.

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