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The Bakes and Brownie Bites 24 is the largest size selection of bite-size portions of our delicious Bakes or Brownies.  A whole twenty four mouth-size morsels for your enjoyment.  If you know what you like and want the best value, this is perfect for you.

Just individually select which of the flavours that you want, and add the box to your basket. There are plenty of flavours to choose from. What about our original Triple Chocolate Brownie or maybe Dark, Mint  or Orange.  Maybe you prefer a Peanut Brownie or a Raspberry and White Chocolate Blondie.  There are also the bakes, with Classic Millionaire’s Shortbread and Rocky Road, plus a couple of ginger variations.  

Our bite-size portion is one quarter the size of a full portion.  Small enough for enjoying straight out of the box.  Just pick which one you want and pop it straight into your mouth.  You don’t even have to bite a piece off.   Just eat them like chocolates with a nice cup of tea or something stronger, if you like.

The Bakes and Brownie Bites 24 is a large box of twenty four delicious portions, selected by you, and delivered directly to your door.

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Indulgent and mouthwatering treats


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Size and weight

Each bite measures 3cm x 3cm and is a quarter portion of the standard size.

Each Bake and Brownie Bites 24 Box typically weighs 700g.


The list of ingredients for all of the bakes and brownies can be found here.


The Bake and Brownie Bites are individually wrapped and packed into a presentation box, which is then packed into a sturdy postal box to prevent damage.  We place the box into a mailing bag for postal delivery.  We try to use environmentally friendly packaging, where possible.  For more information, take a look here.


Postage is charged at a flat rate of £3 per delivery location, regardless of how many items are ordered.  So, the more you order, the better the value. Postage is added at checkout.

Generally, orders will be dispatched within 2 working days of the order being placed.  Where this is not possible, we will contact you.  Royal Mail 1st class currently aims to deliver next working day, including Saturdays.

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Indulgent and mouthwatering treats

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The size and format can vary depending on the size of the box.

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This is the typical kind of message that will be included in the box, if you don’t choose a special template.  The font used and the colour may vary.

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